In the case of an obvious error on either the posted line, scheduled game time or maximum wager limit, all wagers on that game/event will be deemed as "No Action" and will be canceled and refunded accordingly.

BeatleBet does not offer any type of compensation for wrong lines or other errors.


The rules at BeatleBet match very closely to those found at Las Vegas Sportsbooks, and are used to protect both the company and you, the bettor.

For detailed information, please check these sections of the Help Center:

  • Claims/Disputes
  • Official Game Times
  • Live Betting
  • Incorrect Lines
  • Wager Cancellations
  • Delays, postponements & overturned results

All rules for specific sports can be found in the House Rules main section.

BeatleBet reserves the right to refuse a wager at any time, from any client without cause, and can refuse wagers from clients who reside in states or provinces that prohibit sports wagering.

All rules, regulations, and payouts are subject to change without prior written notice.


This page covers the rules for determining at what point during a game or match the contest is considered to be official for wagering purposes.

Please note these are separated by Pre-Game and Live Betting as the rules may differ depending on what you're betting.

  • Football
  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Hockey
  • Tennis
  • Soccer


NOTE: These rules apply to pre-game betting only. For Live Betting rules, please refer to the article here: Live Betting general rules

Delayed / Postponed Events

If any game, match or event is delayed before it has reached the point where it can be considered an official result for betting purposes, all wagers have no action unless the event is resumed within a specific amount of time.

Depending on the sport, these time frames are as follows:

Football (NFL / NCAA), Baseball (MLB), Basketball (NBA / NCAA / WNBA) & Hockey (NHL)

Event must be resumed and completed on the same day*

Soccer, Golf, Rugby, Cricket, International Baseball, Basketball, or Hockey (leagues other than MLB, NFL, NCAA, NBA, NHL) & Other Sports

Event must be resumed and completed within 48 hours


Event must be resumed and completed within 14 days


Event must be resumed and completed within 24 hours


*In these cases, a game that is delayed and resumed after midnight the very next day is considered to be the "same day" for betting purposes.


Exceptions apply for events played during a post-season, playoff, major tournament or similar event. As these types of contests must be played to completion to determine who advances, or wins, the tournament, all bets will have action regardless of how long a delay/postponement may last.

For detailed explanations on each sport, please visit the relevant sections of the Help Center.

Protests / Overturned Results

In the rare event of the outcome of an event being protested by the losing side (and ultimately overturned), BookMaker follows Las Vegas gaming rules. Otherwise, BeatleBet does not recognize protests and overturned decisions for wagering purposes.


Once a wager has been confirmed, whether online or over the phone, the bet will be considered final
and cannot be altered or canceled. You have the option to wager the other side in order to reduce
losses, but the bet cannot be deleted entirely.

All bet payouts are calculated using the odds which were in effect at the moment the wager was placed. Any subsequent changes to the odds will not affect any pending wagers.

To avoid mistakes, we strongly recommend you carefully check all wagers on your bet slips before confirming them online, and carefully listen to the read-backs from the agents when placing wagers over the phone.


Dates and starting times shown for all sporting events are based on official times provided by leagues and other governing bodies. These are for guidance purposes only.

Bets will be accepted up until the announced start times. Should the start time be delayed beyond what was originally posted, BeatleBet may continue accepting wagers however BeatleBet reserves the right to stop taking new bets at any point as decided by management, once the official start time has passed.

If for any reason, a bet is inadvertently accepted after an event or match has started, the selection(s) affected will be made void and stakes will be refunded.


For some sports that have the possibility of going into an overtime (OT) period, the overtime will count towards the contest's final score for the purposes of:

► Full game wagers (Handicap, totals, 1x2)

► 2nd Half wagers (Handicap, totals, 1x2)

In most cases, bets made on the 4th quarter of a game do NOT include scores in overtime.

Generally speaking, these OT rules apply to football and basketball overtimes.

In sports such as soccer and rugby, there are usually markets that apply only to regulation time; excluding OT periods entirely. However, these sports may also offer alternative "OT Included" lines which will be clearly labeled as such.

Keep in mind this article is only to be used as a guideline and these exact rules do not apply to all events! Please check individual rules for each sport to be certain of which rules apply.


It is not possible to parlay both the spread with the moneyline on the same team, in the same game/match.

Parlays where the outcome of one selection closely contributes to the outcome of another selection (i.e., "correlated plays") are also not allowed.

► For example, a football game with a heavy favorite (-14 pts) and a high total (65 pts). It would typically not be possible to parlay the side with the over on this type of game.

Similar rules apply to baseball and hockey:

  • Run Lines cannot be parlayed with totals in the same baseball game.
  • Puck Lines cannot be parlayed with totals in the same hockey game.

All decisions on parlay restrictions are made by BeatleBet management and are final.


When you place a parlay and one (or more) of the selections in your parlay is a push / no action, the parlay drops down to the next possible number of teams.

For example, if you have a 4-team parlay with three winning selections and one push, it becomes a 3-teamer, with the payout adjusted accordingly. If this happened on a 2-team parlay (one winner and one push), it would just become a straight bet.

With teasers it works similar, however, you can't have a 1-team teaser, so if a push results in the teaser dropping to one team, the entire bet would have no action.

Also, Special Teasers (10 points for football / 8 points for basketball) do not allow the number of teams to be reduced at all, so on those, any push + win will result in the entire bet pushing.



On parlays, the maximum amount that can be won is $150,000 USD. This amount is capped even if the original parlay calculation results in a higher payout.


On Special Teasers (+10 points in football / +8 points in basketball) the maximum payouts are capped as follows:

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